Moyer Residence

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Outdoor Living,
Water Wise Landscapes

Featured in The Napa Valley Register, this project is a stunning example of a major renovation of an entire back yard. Leaving only the pool from the existing design, the project goal was to create several separate outdoor living spaces and to screen a view of the neighboring home from the dining room. This renovation was able to create different individual spaces that integrate perfectly and use space optimally.

An elevated dining area adjacent to the outdoor partial-kitchen screens the unwanted view of the neighboring home with wing walls next to the fireplace. Facing the pool to one side is a custom built structure that contains a waterfall on one face, planter boxes on its top, and a bench to face the bocce courts on its rear side. To one side of the pool was installed a pocket vineyard which sits behind a stone retaining wall with an extra-wide top section for sunbathing.

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