Landscape Design & Consultation

Offering clients full-scale landscape architecture and design services, Snowden Landscape Design has become known throughout the Napa Valley as a premiere provider of innovative and aesthetically bold design choices. Incorporating cutting-edge, environmentally responsible design techniques to address site constraints such as steep slopes, drainage and erosion control, while also employing Water Wise and budget-conscious design elements into client specifications, Snowden Landscape Design is able to create spaces that are both profoundly beautiful and environmentally responsible. Snowden Landscape Design is known for maximizing each site’s potential for multiple uses, including spaces for entertaining, play, relaxation, and enhancing a beautiful view.

We are known for our keen attention to detail and our vast experience with creative solutions to design challenges. Our focus is always on finding the best manner in which to achieve a client’s vision while approaching projects with an eye toward maximizing the site’s opportunities and meeting the client’s budget.

Whether you are in need of a design that makes the most of a small space, or a Master Plan for a challenging site which will require a team of design and engineering professionals (including a design approval and Project Management), Snowden Landscape Design has the experience and resources to help you succeed.

Snowden Landscape Design Specializes In:

Hourly Design Consultation to Master Plan Landscape Architecture Services

Site Enhancement or Renovation

Water & Fire Wise Landscape Designs

Pools, Fountains, and Water Features

Drainage and Erosion Control Designs

Screening and Viewshed Designs

Native Plant Designs: Habitat Restoration, Mitigation Measures



Landscape design and architecture should be about transforming your spaces into something that is both practical and beautiful; creating a space that will evolve in a natural way over time and appropriately respond to local water and climate issues while functioning as a livable and comfortable space at the same time.

My goal is to help my clients create spaces that they are able to live in and love while introducing them to alternative engineering, planting, and water use methods that will benefit their property and the surrounding area as it grows.