We began doing residential landscape designs that featured alternatives to front lawns and other features. In 2004, its first year as an office, Snowden Landscape Design won Sunset magazine’s Award of Excellence, with our name & design appearing in the March 2005 issue. This opened up the area and scope of projects to include the greater Bay Area, and beyond to Colorado creating fun, colorful & functional design solutions unique to every site.


Start practice landscape design


Award of Excellence in the 2004 Sunset Magazine Western Garden Design Competition

2020 and future

Design range from homeowners to wineries and commercial properties

24 years of large and small-scale landscape design.

In 2007, Snowden Landscape Design teamed up with Van Winden Landscaping to win a regional open competition of landscape architects to team up with a landscape contractor to bid, design & install a Water Wise Demonstration Garden at Trower & Solano Avenues in Northwest Napa for the Napa Water Department.

We even created a wholesale nursery for 15 years largely to be able to locate, secure & provide the plants being called for to meet CA State Water Budget, Bio filtration, and Habitat Restoration & Mitigation Projects.

Snowden Landscape Design recently completed Water Wise Landscape Master Plans for the renovation of two large private communities that had volunteered to help save water.


At Snowden Landscape Design, it is about transforming your property into Fun and functional outdoor spaces for eating, dining, reading and dancing, by incorporating alternative layout, construction, drainage, & planting methods to make your site safe, useable and beautiful.

We create our designs to evolve naturally over time, appropriately responding to local water & climate issues while functioning as livable and comfortable spaces at the same time.

We all make a collective difference with our design choices here in the Bay Area. Environmentally friendly and water wise elements are increasingly becoming the norm and contribute greatly to the overall health of the area. 

Being able to bring Eco systematic design principles into residential and commercial designs that look great all year round is both my passion and my profession.

In All things of Nature, There is something of the marvelous.