A Front Lawn becomes a Dry Stream

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Replacing a front lawn with a dry stream works (in that it ends up looking) better on some sites than others. One site that was particularly well-suited for a dry stream was the nicely sloping front yard at the end of a small semi private lane in Napa.

 The Clients wish was simple and direct: take out the lawn and make it look good and save money.  To that effect, the lawn was taken out, and a dry stream was created to meander down across the front and create planting areas and opportunities.  For this project, the stream forks around an island planted with a Dwarf Weeping Flowering Cherry on it as the centerpiece of the design.

A native Myrica hedge makes a bright statement along the neighboring side of the driveway, with small native and other water wise plants intermixed with mounds and boulders attract attention as one makes their way now to the front door, crossing over the dry stream on the way.

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