Narrow Back Yard in Walnut Creek

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Returning Clients had moved to Walnut Creek, and were hoping this project offered as much water wise design opportunity as their last house here in Napa. Here they wanted a design that the made the most of the narrow, level area across the back of the house, extending around and up the side of the house to the gate at the front.

 To make the dining and entertainment area safe from people slipping down the slope, a flattened bay widow seatwall was designed to be built just back from the top of existing slope enough to allow for a row of thorned roses as a subliminal deterrent.

A large wood patio cover was designed higher than normal to both preserve the view from inside the house, as well as block some of the afternoon sun on the house windows as well as the dining area outside. Moving across the back, a split-level outdoor kitchen and dining counter at the edge of the patio transitions to plantings, artificial turf and a concrete walkway which follows the top of slope, then abruptly hooks around a circular flagstone morning terrace (their favorite part of the design) to end at the Master Bedroom door at the hot tub.

Around the corner of the house, the artificial turf becomes a putting green, with a short wall to protect the turf from the existing landscape up to the property line fence, and custom wood planter boxes and gold DG fill the space between the walkway and the front gate.

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